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I cut my musical teeth on these way back in the 1980s playing with the Glenfarg Elastic Band. Basically, a music session is when a group of musicians get together, usually in a bar, usually without any music and they simply play each others favourite tunes.

They are a fantastic opportunity for players to learn new tunes in a friendly atmosphere, and most importantly, learn to play with others.

The music is often traditional Scots or Irish but extends to many other genres. A typical session might include tunes such as these below. Note that these keys may not be the ones chosen by the lead players! Mandola players tend to choose different keys to fiddlers and mandolinists:

Three fantastic sites where most of these music scores come from are The Session : The Tunebook and Nigel Gatherer. I recommend them all.


The Boys of Bluehill / Harvest Home

Trumpet Hornpipe / Sailor's Hornpipe

Galway Hornpipe / Off to California


Southwind / Lord Inchiquin / Planxty Irwin / Fanny Power


Drunken Piper / Rakes of Mallow

Mason's Apron / Fairy Dance / Staten island

Flowers Of Edinburgh / Pu'in Bracken

St. Anne's Reel / Drowsy Maggie / The Ale is Dear

Maid Behind the Bar / Father Kelly's Jig


John Ryan's Polka / Dennis Murphy's Polka

Egan's Polka


72nd Farewell to Aberdeen / Barren Rocks Of Aden /

Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle /  Earl Of Mansfield


The Jig O' Slurs / Banjo Breakdown / Stool Of Repentence

Blackthorn Stick / Roaring Jelly(Smash the Windows) / Rakes of Kildare

Kesh Jig / Morrison's Jig / Scare O' Tatties

Tripping Up the Stairs / Maid on the Green / Going to the Well for Water


Miss Rowan Davies -Phil Cunningham

Margaret's Waltz / Midnight on the Water


Stirling Castle (Strathspey)

Downfall of Paris

The Hut on Staffin Island -Phil Cunningham

Da Slochit Licht

Lonesome Road to Dingle

Madame Bonaparte

and a good selection of songs too. See elsewhere on this site for a list of songs and tunes in order of popularity.


Current sessions in Fife are held in:

weeknight where frequency time contact comments
Tuesday Sands Hotel Burntisland last each month 20:00 solo spot sessions
Wednesday Stag Inn Falkland every week 21:30
Wednesday The Burns Tavern: Leslie every week 20:30 Geo. Fisher  07813 987519
Thursday Staghead Hotel, Largoward 1st and 3rd Tom Hall 01333 330092
Friday The Plough Inn: Star of Markinch every 2nd 21:30

Leave a comment or a new session or a set of tunes you play!!

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picture of Sands Hotel Burntisland

Sands Burntisland - last Tuesday each month


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