I started learning guitar around age 11 and eventually taught guitar accompaniment at adult classes for about 10 years from 1979; still doing the odd lesson. More recently I have been teaching mandolin too.

I started singing as Krosbreed with Ross Hunter about 1980. We played mostly Scottish Traditional music on 6 & 12 string guitars, whistles, bodhran, mandolin and a few other things!

Kev and Ross in the Drift Inn

Drift Inn Aberdour (sadly no more) 1982

Ross and I played together for around 10 years made 2 albums - The Road to Divorce and Love and Liberty, sadly both now deleted but I am in the process of digitising "Love and Liberty" a Burns tribute we made way back. Email for details ceilidh.folk @ tesco.net

We played STV's ThingummyJig in 1982 and had our own mini-series Hear Here in 1983. Ross moved onto other things in 1990

STV pic 1 Kev and Ross STV pic2  Kev and Ross

filming STV's Hear Here on the Renfrew Ferry


More Krosbreed pics

In the early 90s I played and travelled around the West and North of Scotland with Neil Mathieson from Kinross. Sadly missed, Neil died age 40 but was a tremendous button box player and we had some fun gigs. I also started guest spots at some local Strathspey and Reel Society gigs, and now play frequently with Dunfermline S&RS.


Kev in  Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall with DS&RS circa 1994



and a bit more recently in Florida 2004        ----->

Kev playing at Florida concert

Around 1995 I started to get into ceilidhs in a big way. In Scotland that tends to mean a ceilidh dance where everyone gets a chance to take part helped by a caller. Along with Sylvia, Jean and Linda, I formed "Ceilidh Folk". Linda soon left and we now play as a threesome today sometimes helped out by George Marshall on fiddle. I started out as caller and refined this over the years by running several classes in two local High schools.

Ceilidh Folk in Dunfermline

Ceilidh Folk
Baldridgeburn Institute - Dunfermline - 1997



Kev and Sung playing Jean, the fiddler in Ceilidh Folk, teaches a range of instruments to many youngsters and holds a concert with them at least once a year .Most recently I have helped out at these class concerts acting as conductor , MC, and accompanist. It is amazing to see these youngsters, some as young as six, play and uphold the traditions that I love.


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