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Some notes by Bro D. Abercrombie

Lodge St. John # 84 Ceres Open 29 May 1761 Closed 1852 (*1)
LS 107-37

Lodge St. Mungo Royal Arch # 145 Culross Open 6 February 1769 Closed 1809
LS 145-37

Lodge St. Cyre # 121 Auchtermuchty Open 5 February 1770 Closed 2002(2*)
LS 157-37

Lodge Eden Operative #172 Strathmiglo Open 5 February 1810 Closed 1843
LS 231-37

Lodge Thane of Fife # 260 Cupar Open 5 February 1816 Closed 1843
LS 306-37

Lodge Dysart # 51 Dysart Open 6 February 1745 Closed 1797
LS 331-09

Lodge Union # 542 St. Andrews Open 28 November 1873 Closed 1881

Lodge Fifeshire Militia # 240 Cupar Open 6 May 1811 Closed 1837
LS 316-37


*1 Met in the Masonic Hall adjacent to “Bishop’s Bridge”, Ceres. This is now a private house, where external stairs lead to an upper level. A theory could be that a Lodge member would live in the downstairs part and effectively be a hall keeper, and the Lodge would meet upstairs.

*2 Met in the “Town Hall”, Auchtermuchty. Remaining members apparently affiliated to “Lodge King Robert De Bruce # 304”,Ladybank.Reports suggest that Lodge furniture & regalia were stored in the old Burgh prisoner cells. The regalia was “magenta”. ”Mark Tokens” from this Lodge are widely found eg. at “Lodge St.John # 35”,Falkland and “Lodge Balcarres # 1240”, Colinsburgh.

Most of this information was extracted from “Draffen’s Scottish Masonic Records 1736-1950” for which I gratefully acknowledge. Search/record references are quoted.

It is likely that more information will be contained within “Grand Lodge of Scotland” and “Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife & Kinross” records. It is possible that there may be some records contained within “Fife Council Archives” at Markinch. It is more than likely that “living testimony” will be available in relation to “Lodge St. Cyre # 121”, Auchtermuchty. Other Lodges and their members within the Province may have further information-any such material will be very welcome.