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Poem for the Twin Cities Scottish Club

Greetings Frae Fife.

by RWM Craig Rodger

We hail the mighty Clans of Caledonia,
Who neer forget family name and land;
Their strength, from the very mists o’ time,
Moving mountains and making a stand.

We greet the “Twin Cities Scottish Club”,
Greetings frae the ancient Kingdom o’ Fife.
Tho’ mountains divide us and great seas,
Neer forget the land that gied us life.

You have done auld Scotia proud today,
Ye Sons and Daughters of Liberty.
Wi’ Scottish sport, dancing, poetry an’ song.
Pipes skirling reels, jigs and strathspey.

“Clann a’ Cheo”, children of the mist,
On hill, moor and glen, wild deer band.
Inspiring the Highland heart and soul,
To proclaim their own, their native land.

Full forty years you have been here!
Showing Scottish tradition and culture.
Though forward we look an’ canna see,
We dinna fear for “Twin Cities” future.

Craig Poem