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Travelling Gavel: Report by Bro D Abercrombie (JD)


It was only recently that many "Lodge Coupar o' Fife No.19" members heard about the existence of the Travelling Gavel! Is there a lesson here for the "PGL"? Confirmation quickly followed from "Lodge Lindores No.106" in Newburgh, that they had the mythical item. Arrangements were put in place to alter our due Committee-which usually clashes with Newburgh & other Lodges.
 On Wednesday 24th March, Bro.Craig Rodger RWM lead a deputation of 10 Brethren-John Dewar PM,Pete Spiers PM,Mike Ford PM,Douglas Wilson PM,George Manson PM,Douglas Abercrombie JD,Ian Young IDG,John Inch Chap,Gary Clark MM, on the short journey to the ancient Royal Burgh of Newburgh.There, where we were very warmly welcomed. Thereafter we witnessed a well worked "Fellowcraft" degree for a progressing candidate, and the presentation of a 50 year Certificate.Other visitors were present from "Lodge St.Serf # 327" Kinross.and "Lodge Oswald of Dunnikier" # 468 Kirkcaldy.
 Much of interest was seen and heard during the very well presented ritual-there being a number of subtle differences compared to ours, and of course the magnificent mural on the East wall combined with the atmosphere in this ancient Masonic Hall rendered the proceedings most enjoyable.
 Near the close of the meeting, having fulfilled the necessary conditions, we sought the hand over of the prodigious gavel which Bro.Ally Wilkie, RWM of Lodge No.106, duly obliged. Afterwards, all the Brethren enjoyed some harmony,some yarns with old friends, and some of  the locally produced pies,bridies, and pasties,washed down with some refreshments-tea or stronger. This is of course a very old Lodge-perhaps dating back to the time of the building of the now ruined "Lindores Abbey"-their rich history deserves better publication.
 This most impressive gavel, was donated by the Brethren of "Lodge Artisan" of Wichendon, Massachussets, USA, as a gift to the Brethren of "The Lvdge of Dunfermling No.26" in 1997.The purpose in mind was to generate more visiting and create greater harmony between Lodges within the "Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross".
 SInce 1997, some 23 Lodges out of 49 have "Won" the gavel which has been contended for on 31 occasions."Lodge St.John No.540",Crossgates, hold the record for most in delegation=20, and have taken the gavel home on a record 4 occasions.
 This is the first occasion it has come to Cupar, where it will be held and displayed with some pride until another Lodge with a delegation of 7 or more including RWM, come to claim it. Other conditions apply:a suitable letter to "Lodge Artisan", and another to "PGL" with a small donation to their "Benevolent Fund".
 We hereby express our appreciation to "Lodge Artisan" and of course to the Brethren of "Lodge # 106".The objectives set out by those Brethren in the USA have been well achieved and their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.
This is yet another occasion where "Lodge # 19" have visited in strength-may it long continue to assist the re-invigouration of the Craft in Fife.Our next visit is to "Lodge Earl Haig # 1260" at Leven on Wed.31st March, where Bro.Craig Rodger RWM is part of a "Reigning Masters Fellowcraft Degree" as a follow up to our suggestion to utilise the "5th Wednesday".