Bridge of Athlone

48 x 4 bar jig


Longways set dance: 4 couples in set standing opposite partner: gents with Left shoulder to band, ladies right shoulder to band

 Bars 1-8

Everyone joins hands in their lines and dances forward and back four steps each time. The boys, keeping their hands joined and raising them above head height, take eight steps to cross to the girls side while the girls duck under the boys arch to cross to the boys side of the dance.

Bars 8-16  Repeat back to places
Bars 17-24  1st couple in each set gallop down the set for 8 steps and back for 8 steps
Bars 25-32  1st couple followed by the other three couples cast off down the back of their own sides and make an arch at the bottom. The other couples pass through the arch and lead to top of set and all now make an arch with their partners.
Bars 32-40 1st girl comes up under the arches while 1st boy goes up the outside of the set behind the boys line. Then 1st boy goes down under the arches while 1st girl casts down to the bottom of set behind the girls.
Bars 41-48  Everybody swings.

Repeat for other 3 couples

Hogmanay 2003