Compositions and Arrangements

Please let me know if you play them!

Not a tune I wrote but heard at a recent session....loved it and wrote out this arrangement
and I guess you know what it looks like so no picture!


Linksmarket March
The Links market is the annual fairground that visits Burntisland every summer.
We have Highland Games Day during that period too when out own pipeband plays


The Gypsy Dance

A tune in the genre of Eastern Europe


Bridging 40 Years

The Forth Road Bridge was 40 Years Old in September 2004. This slow air was written that same month.


Carrie and Alan's Wedding

Playing in a ceilidh band means I go to lots of weddings! This one was for a friend and ex-student - Carrie.
She married Alan in York on 24/4/04. A great gig and a great couple.


Question and Answer

A musical quiz! Best played on 2 takes the high part (question) the other the low (answer)


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