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picture of Robert Burns

A typical supper might include some or all of the following:

Rantin Rovin Robin - Burns auto-biographical song

Address to the Haggis - classic ceremony before eating

Address to the Haggis photo

"His knife see rustic labour dicht"
International Conference Glasgow

Selkirk Grace - from the Earl of Selkirk in whose presence Burns delivered it extempore

Selkirk Grace photo

"Some Hae Meat and canna eat "
International Conference Glasgow

A Man's a Man For A' That - A revolutionary song for some

Ye Jacobites By Name - Jacobitism made famous by the Corries

"Lend an ear, lend an ear "

Holy Willie's Prayer - brilliant satire against Willie Fisher

Killiecrankie - Jacobitism made famous by the Corries

Tam O' Shanter - a must at any supper - Burns greatest story telling poem

tam O shanter pic

"Wi tippenny we fear nae evil"
No.1 Goth BPBC Annual Supper

Ratlin' Roarin' Willie - for Willie Dunbar; Colonel of the Crochallan Fencibles

The De'il's awa wi the Exciseman - for his fellow Excisemen

Dainty Davie

The Twa Dugs - one rich, one poor

Luath & Ceasar help explain the tale (tail?!)

McPherson's Lament - for James McPherson; fiddler and freebooter 1700

Leezie Lindsay

The Henpecked Husband - for the down-trodden man!

Corn Rigs - early love for the bard

"Wi sma' peruasion she agreed to see me through the Barley-O"
Sarasota Florida

Green Grow the Rashes O - in praise of the Ladies

Willie Wastle - the other side of the lassies!

To A Mouse & To A Louse - Classics containing a message for us all!

Some little known songs such as
The Gallant Weaver and When First I saw Fair Jeanie's Face

Jeannie's face pic

"She's aye sae neat, sae trim sae tight, All grace around her hover"
Dundonald Institute: BPBC Annual Supper 2007

Scots Wha Hae - Bruce's Call to Bannockburn

and of course
Auld Lang Syne

The emphasis is on enjoyment and chorus words can be provided if needed.

picture of Burns cottage

Burns Cottage in Ayrshire

Kev proposing Immortal Memory
In 1991 I joined Bowhill People's Burns Club. This group of Burns experts formed in 1940 and are still going strong today with a tremendous annual supper. With their concert party I have attended and entertained at many Burns Suppers, including those for the Royal Mail, the Fire Dept, local hotels and clubs and even one in Japanese, singing and performing Burns classics such as Tam o' Shanter and Address to the Haggis. I continue to do recitals and songs at various Burns functions. Here I am delivering the Immortal memory at Anglia Ruskin University's first Burns Supper.
Bowhill People's Burns Club logo

I now offer a one-man Burns show combining my love of Burns songs and poetry with the experience of the many suppers I have performed at.



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Burns Supper Programme

Bowhill People's Burns Club Annual Supper


Japanese programme

Burns in Japanese - Japan Society of Scotland, Burns Supper


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Post Office First Day Cover - Robert Burns

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